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Buckwheat Helps to Lower Blood Glucose

Studies have found that buckwheat may help lower blood glucose for people with diabetes. Extracts of the buckwheat seed were fed to diabetic rats, whose blood glucose levels were lowered 12 to 19 percent. These results may prove to be very helpful in helping people to manage diabetes. Buckwheat is a grain that is cheap and easy to find. Because of the results of the study, many people with diabetes could start eating buckwheat as a part of their daily meal plan.

More studies must be done to know how much buckwheat must be eaten for humans to benefit from it.  Other studies have found that chiroinositol, the main ingredient in buckwheat, is the factor in the grain that helps to lower blood glucose levels. Researchers are not sure why or how it works, but they believe it may make cells respond better to insulin or that it may act like insulin. Future studies might be able to tell us more about the effects of buckwheat on glucose levels. For now, add the buckwheat grain to your diet as one way to help keep your diabetes under control.

This article was posted on DiabetesDigest.com on Febuary 07, 2014